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high pressure & vacuum cleaners

Gorman-Rupp self-priming pumps are

the world’s leading choice for waste handling applications and are also the pump of choice in many sewage-handling applications worldwide.

Theft of electric cabling is a very serious and expensive problem in South Africa, therefore we have developed a deterant that has proven to efficient in drastically slowing down theft and damage to electric cabling.

Industrial equipment often requires industrial measures to be cleaned, therefore we have aligned ourselves with the very best providers to ensure that we can offer top of the range products for this very purpose.

AGENCIES & Partners

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PVC, HDPE & steel

Pipe fittings & PIPING solutions



We supply a variety of pipe for all applications and sizing requirements.

With mining and industrial applications there are always specified piping and piping solution requirements, therefore we have sourced the best products for every application.

We have aligned ourselves with a reputable manufacturer who has designed a revolutionary product that will out perform their biggest competitor.

tool range


water & wastewater solutions

We believe in always supplying the best products and with our tool range, we know we can supply the best!

Again, we have aligned ourselves with established manufacturers of custom-designed valves at the highest levels of quality, reliability and value for the most demanding industries and applications.

We strive to work towards creating environmentally safe water and wastewater treatment plants as they have always been our way of contributing to a safer community.

MSD Engineering supplies a turn-key solution from the pump all the way through to the building of the pump station, this includes the piping, valves, bearings, flanges, infrasture, etc.


From the inception of MSD Engineering and Mining Supplies, our focus has always been on delivering quality service and we will maintain this position throughout our existence. We have collectively over 50 years' experience in the mining industry and pride ourselves on the products we supply and the service we offer.


With each of the products and services we supply, we offer consultation on the correct implementation as well as the repair and replacement of each product. We maintain a close association with specialists in their individual fields to ensure we are always on top of our game and at the forefront of the products we supply.

system & solution design


MSD believes in offering the full package by employing specialists in every field to ensure that we are always on top of our game!

MSD has built and been involved in the design, customising and commissioning of many waste treatment plants through understanding the needs of our clients.

We have always strived to supply the very best products and services, therefore before embarking on a project, we consult with various parties to ensure the perfect supply for the application. 

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